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Compact and Powerful: Review of the Baton 3 Pro Max

Baton 3 Pro Review

The Baton 3 Pro Max is a fairly compact 21700 EDC with an aggressive look and feel. It uses Olight’s proprietary cells.

It has a simple single e-switch UI that works well. It has a timer mode with both 3 and 9 minute options that are memorized for next use. It also has a strobe function.

1. CREE XHP50.3 HD

The XHP50.3 HD is a very good emitter for a flashlight this size. It has a cool white tint and a heavily textured reflector. It still suffers from some tint/color shifting around the hotspot, but it’s less pronounced than in most other lights.

I suspect mainly the limited heat dissipation area of the XM footprint limits maximum achievable performance, at least if the thermal resistance of only 0.4 K/W applies to series samples. I ran a overtemperature test on this sample, but it only showed a small burned area between the two lower luminous surfaces.

2. TIR Optics

With a maximum output of 2,500 lumens and acceptable run time at 800 lumens, the Baton 3 Pro is a great light for EDC. Its TIR optic creates a wide hotspot that is well defined with dimmer spill around it.

This is ideal for situations where you want to signal drivers for help off of a straight stretch of highway. The strobe mode is also useful for this purpose.

The UI has a single e-switch that is easy to use. Double clicking on it activates a timer that you can switch between 3 or 9 minutes.

3. IPX8 Waterproof

The Baton 3 Pro Max is IPX8 rated, meaning that it can be submerged in water. However, it’s still not recommended for beach or ocean swimming.

It can also resist powerful jets of water, so it’s suitable for hiking and camping. It also has a shake to wake battery indicator, making it easier to check the status of the flashlight without having to turn it on. The bundled L bracket makes it easy to tail-stand the light, too.

4. Magnetic Charging

Magnetic charging is a feature that uses magnets to connect the charging cable to the device port adapter. When brought close, they automatically align for an effortless plug-in without requiring precise alignment.

It’s especially useful for people with hand tremors or limited dexterity. It’s also safer than traditional chargers because it prevents metal contacts from coming into contact with each other and potentially causing overheating.

The Olight Baton 3 Pro Max comes with a Magnetic Charging Case which holds the light in place for charging. It also doubles as a clip to attach to your pocket or hat.

5. Reversible Clip

A reversible clip allows it to be carried bezel-up or bezel-down. This makes it very easy to carry and slide into pockets. It also clips firmly to a hat for headlamp use.

The UI is fairly standard with a single e-switch and a neat Timer mode (similar to what we’ve seen on other Olights). Double click + hold the switch to activate either 3 or 9 minutes of timer.

A shake to wake battery indicator is also new, eliminating the need to turn on the light to check the cell voltage and adding a nice visual cue that it’s on.

6. Adjustable Beam Focus

The reversible clip is a great touch and the enlarged side switch makes it easier to operate, reducing accidental activation. This light uses a proprietary 18650 cell that has both positive and negative contacts on the positive end, which facilitates magnetic charging.

There’s also a strobe mode which is useful for signalling in case you get lost. It can also be used to set a timer. The UI is very easy to learn. It is very compact and can be carried in a pocket or hat.

7. Proximity Sensor

Proximity sensors are great for contactless object detection in DIY projects. There are many different types available to meet a variety of needs, including capacitance, inductive, ultrasonic, and IR sensors.

Olight’s new proximity sensor improves on the previous version by eliminating the need to manually activate the flashlight and reducing accidental activations. It also features a shake to awaken battery indicator and an enlarged side switch for easier activation. A reversible clip is included to facilitate either head-up or down carry.

8. Battery Life

The battery indicator works great and you can even shake the light to wake it up and check the charge. This makes the Baton 3 Pro much more user-friendly than previous models.

It comes with a customized 3200mAh rechargeable battery that can be charged in 3.5 hours. It has a maximum 1500 lumen output and throw of 175 meters.

It also has a proximity sensor that prevents the flashlight from turning on when it shouldn’t. It’s perfect for everyday use.

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Compact and Reliable Telescopic Baton: The Perfect Self-Defense Weapon

Telescopic Baton 16 Inch

The telescopic baton is an easy-to-carry, concealable self-defense weapon. It is used by police officers and security guards around the world.

It opens with the flick of a wrist and locks automatically. It also collapses with a push on the tail button. It has a rubberized handle and comes with a heavy-duty nylon holster with belt loop.


The perfect size for transport, this baton is a great choice for law enforcement. It is lightweight but durable, and it has a textured rubber handle that makes it easy to grip. It also comes with a tough high denier polyester sheath that easily attaches to your belt.

When police officers are working in crowd control situations, they need to be able to maneuver easily. This is why a shorter police baton length of 16-18 inches may be appropriate. This length can also be used when officers are conducting building searches.

This telescoping baton is only 6.5 inches when compacted and expands to 16 inches with the flick of your wrist. It locks into place automatically and gives you extra reach, keeping you at a safe distance from your attacker. It also has a rubberized handle and includes a heavy duty nylon holster and belt loop. This expandable baton also has a tail-end window breaker that can be used to escape your car or home in an emergency situation.


Length is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a baton. A baton that is too short can put the user at risk during a riot control situation or be too cumbersome during regular patrol duties.

The ideal baton length is between 15 and 16 inches. However, the preferred baton length is often a personal preference of the twirler. For example, a younger student may prefer a shorter baton while a more advanced twirler may want to use a longer model.

The ASP expandable police baton is an excellent choice for law enforcement officers and security guards worldwide. This durable steel baton is compact and easily concealed, yet extends to a full length of 16 inches when required. It also features a rubberized grip for a secure hold and comes with a heavy duty nylon belt sheath. This baton is easy to open and close with a push button. This eliminates the need to strike the end of the baton on hard surfaces and reduces the risk of injury or damage.


Batons, also known as truncheons or billy clubs, are becoming increasingly popular among civilians as an effective non-lethal self defense tool. They are small and compact in their closed position, making them easy to carry in a baton holster while walking or running. They expand when flung at an attacker, and can be used to strike key body points and block attacks.

The Rothco 10030 black expandable baton is a great option for policing and security professionals who need to carry a lightweight, easy-to-use weapon that can be deployed quickly and discreetly. It is made of steel and has a rubber handle for secure gripping. It is also incredibly lightweight at just 7 inches before extension.

ASP Airweight Aluminum Batons are 45% lighter than their steel counterparts and maintain 98% of their striking potential. This allows officers to use them faster and for longer, especially when conducting crowd control or building searches. They are constructed from a special 7075 aluminum and feature the ASP Friction Loc design.


Law enforcement officers use batons to keep themselves and others safe during riot control situations. They are easy to deploy and allow them to maintain a distance without putting themselves at risk of injury or excessive force. They can also be used to incapacitate a suspect quickly.

This baton is compact when it’s closed, allowing it to be easily concealed in the holster. It’s made of tough alloy steel, with a rubber grip for comfort. The end cap is designed to withstand repeated strikes, and the shafts are abrasion resistant. The push button close allows for rapid deployment in emergency situations, and it eliminates the need to strike the end on a hard surface to close, which could cause damage.

Training for effective use is essential for anyone using a baton. Specialized programs teach techniques that prioritize personal safety while adhering to legal boundaries. They teach strikes, grips, and blocks to maximize the impact of a baton.

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